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N100 Billion Loan: Soludo is both a Beneficiary and Victim of Enormous Goodwill



By Chima Christian

The Anambra State House of Assembly has approved Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s N100 billion loan request. It did this without the benefit of subjecting the request to a rigorous stress test and official scrutiny. There were a lot of holes in the request, yet it was expeditiously approved.

Life could be paradoxical. Soludo is both a beneficiary and a victim the enormous goodwill he enjoys.

As a beneficiary, Soludo has been able to convince Ndi Anambra and the State House of Assembly to approve his N100 Billion loan request. Imagine for a second that it was APC’s Andy Uba who, in the first few months of his administration, requested a borrowing of N100 billion without supplying a detailed borrowing, spending and repayment plan. The uproar that would have generated would be more than enough to send the idea to the grave.

Soludo, thanks to the goodwill he enjoys, pulled it off without going through the pains of supplying relevant details.

As Soludo smiles at his luck, he must make equal arrangements to mourn the misfortune of having been placed under such a heavy burden of expectations. Soludo’s profile and campaign promises exponentially raised the bar of expectations. His failure will result in a near-total collapse of confidence in the system.

Soludo appears to be aware of his conflicting condition. While milking his goodwill, he appears to be in a haste to perform. We will continue to pray and offer all necessary support to turn Anambra into the promised liveable and prosperous homeland.

May Anambra succeed.

Chima Christian

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