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About Us is published by Cornerstone Communications Services Limited, a Nigerian media organization based in Awka, Anambra State, with a vision to provide high-quality editorial contents that promote good governance, transparency, human rights and justice as well as socio-economic, political, cultural and religious development in Anambra, southeast geopolitical zone and Nigeria.

Anambra Daily is positioned to be the foremost credible fact-based news publishing organization that can help forge and sustain a progressive society based on truthful, unbiased and verifiable reportage of events as they unfold. We shall strive to set a political, social and economic agenda that promotes better leadership, citizenship and society in general.

As a brand, we are committed to generating and creating content that will inform, educate and entertain our consumers across multiple media channels. And providing timely and accurate reports that keep our readers well informed, educated and empowered on developments in the society.

Cornerstone Communications Services Limited (CCSL) journalism seeks to positively transform the society it serves, by influencing social, economic and political progress through balanced reporting. We believe that the development of an informed perspective enables our consumers to fulfill their potential.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the authentic and reliable grassroots news platform for Anambra, South East and Nigerian people.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a media brand that positively influence readers by providing credible, timely news content (texts, graphics, pictures, video, audio, etc). that informs, educates, and entertains and adds value to the society.