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Osun Guer Poll: Adeleke Victory Signifies God’s Intervention in Nigeria-Anambra CAN Boss



By Julie Sylvia, Onitsha

The Anambra State chairman of Christians Association of Nigeria, (CAN) , Venerable Joseph Nweke, has described the result of the Osun State gubernatorial election as a manifestation of God’s Intervention in Nigerian politics.

Recall that the incumbent Governor, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola of the ruling All progressive Congress (APC) was defeated by the People’s Democratic party (PDP), Senator Ademola Adeleke.

According to him,” when I heard that Adeleke won the election, two things came into my mind. There is what I would call hand of God in the election. God is at work. It is not an easy thing to defeat an incumbent in any election. If you look at how Buhari won Jonathan, you would see that it was designed. Otherwise, there is no way Jonathan would constitute INEC, empower them, give them money and they fail him. It was not ordinarily. It was both spiritually perfected by God”.

” For Adelake to win the incumbent Governor who has all the legislatures, he has the judiciary, he has the councilors, in all the words, he has all the PG’s in all the communities in Osun State and all the Obas working for him and failed woefully in such election, he has to count the hands of God in it. God wants to teach us some lessons so that you do not over empower yourself”

“I think some Yorubas are trying to sabotage the presidential candidate for (APC). Osun State is a Christian/ Muslim state. From what I heard, Osun has over 65 percent Christians and 35 percent Muslims and Adeleke is a Christian. So, for them to survive, they are working towards their faith. However, the religious politics in the country is growing wings. So, to me, God is at work in Nigeria starting from Osun State”.

“How can you tell me that a Governor of a state who has economy of a state at his disposal could lose election in a such devastating manner ?. There is hand of God in the process and God is taking us to the next level that we have not yet gotten to. I feel that Oyetola has every reasons to win the election and run his second tenure.

I will thank the Federal House of Representatives and Senators for having reformed our electoral laws. Even in their electoral reform, there was a hand of God in the process. God used them mysteriously. God used electoral laws to disenfranchise Federal legislatures.

Imagine a whole Senators sitting in a session and made a law that makes it possible for them to decide who would run for any election in Nigeria.,”

He explained that they( law makers) debated the law, passed it into law after 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading, they did not notice any where they made law which makes it possible for them to decide who is who to win any election in Nigeria.

That would tell you that hand of God is working in a mysterious ways. How can a senate president failed to know that he has enacted a law that made him that, if he fail to get a ticket for presidency, that he would not contest for senate again?”.

“He made the law, he signed the law, he is ignorant of the law. That is to tell you that God works in mysterious ways and his wonders to perform”

The cleric however, lauded the Federal law makers, saying ” Today in Nigeria, I am thanking the Nigerian legislatures for making themselves available to be used by God to enthrone equity and justice”.

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