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Amechi Backs Obi’s 2023 Presidential Bid, Declares ‘God’s gift to Nigerians’



By Praise Chinecherem 

First Republic Aviation Minister Chief Mbazulike Amechi on Thursday threw his weight behind the candidacy of the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Mr. Peter Obi and his running mate, Datti Baba Ahmed 

He described his emergence as opportunity God has given to the long suffering people of Nigeria to save and take back their country.

He regretted that the two major political parties, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and All Progressive Congress, APC, since 1999, had sunk the country into the stinking catacomb of corruption, looting and religious cum tribal bigotry.

Addressing newsmen on Thursday in his Ukpor home in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, the elderstatesman accused the two parties of goofing in selection of their Presidential Candidates and their Running Mates because of their insensitivity to the plights and needs of Nigerians.

While blaming PDP of playing smart and cleverness by half in selecting its flag bearers, Amechi said APC, presented expired drug to heal a patient that is near a point of coma.

He said, “On the coming Presidential election I am no longer a politician but i cannot keep dumb when I see the country which I gave my whole youth and blood to co-found being pushed to an irretrievable pit of disintegration and anarchy. 

“Since the operation of the military imposed Constitution in 1999, two major political parties have ruled the country. They are PDP and APC. In their preparation for the 2023 Presidential election both parties have goofed in their selection of their Presidential candidates and their running mates. Since their ruling the country in 1999, the nation has sunk into the stinking catacomb of corruption, looting and religious cum tribal bigotry.

“The PDP, acting without wisdom and foresight threw away the principle of equity and balance in selecting a Northern candidate who may be capable but it is not his turn and in selecting a running mate exhibited cleverness by half.

“On the part of APC, they goofed by projecting the shell of a spent bullet and expired drug to heal a nation patient that is near a point of  coma. By paying deaf ears to the cry of the nation they suicidally fielded a mono-religious flag bearers to rule a multi-religious nation. I do hope that the INEC or the Supreme Court should not do what they did last time.

“A third force is springing up and it would appear that God now wants to openly act and save his people. It would appear that the emergence through the Labour Party of Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed ticket is an opportunity which God has given to the long suffering people of Nigeria to save and take back their country which has been economically and politically raped for many years.

“I will advise the long suffering people of this country, the youths, the women, the under paid workers, irrespective of religion or tribe or region or party to reclaim your country from the insatiable looters and bigots and hand over to Peter and Ahmed to lay a foundation for new nation, clean nation, happy united nation that will give satisfaction and pride to her citizens and earn the respect of the other great nations of the world.”

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