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Labour Party Parleys with Nigerian Diaspora, Confident of Victory in 2023 Election



The Labour Party (LP) of Nigeria, has reassured the Nigerian Diaspora community that the party’s presidential flagbearer, Mr Peter Obi and his running, Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed would win the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

The LP National Secretary, Alhaji Umar Farouk, and and the spokesperson of the Third force, Dr Yunusa Tanko, made this declaration at a recent webinar, titled “Virtual Global Townhall Meeting: The State of the Obi-Datti Campaign, Labour Party, and 3rd Force”, organised by Professor Eddie Oparaoji-led, United States-based Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy (NACJD).

Narrating his assessment on the state of the LP presidential campaign, Alhaji Farouk said, “we have traveled to the Northwest, and we are mesmerised with what we are seeing – genuine love for Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed from people across the board and that has enhanced our confidence in the Northern states. Our campaign is making inroads in the North as we are seeing them also clamouring for change and are coming out to declare support for Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed, and can’t wait for the elections to begin”.

While acknowledging the support of Nigeria’s global community, Alhaji Farouk said, “a lot of high quality ideas have been coming in, more people are stepping in and offering us contributions and offices.”

Also speaking at the programme, Dr Yunusa Tanko, the National Chairman of the National Conscience Party, (NCP) and the spokesperson of the Thirdforce concurs that “the major areas of our challenges have been in the North but we have been getting tremendous support from the support groups and more are still coming. The Labour Party has set up groups that are reaching out to all parts of the country to educate and sensitise the local population as to the basics. We have made tremendous progress and though we still have lots of challenges, we have strategies to overcome them…. the Presidency is in our hand and we have to harvest it and deliver it to the Nigerian people.”

While responding to questions regarding the credibility of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), referring especially to thousands of trashed PVCs and underage voters, Dr Tanko said, “We have challenged INEC but they have not given us a firm response. We have asked INEC to publish a list of uncollected PVCs and where they can be collected. We are still putting pressure on INEC. They should ensure the PVCs get to their rightful owners. Otherwise they must be reproduced.”

Speaking at the occasion the Chairman of NACJD Prof. Oparaoji, outlined the nature and mission of their partnership with the Labour Party. He said, “our work focus on educational outreach, accessing modern technology capable of powering Nigeria into a first world nation, lobbying the Washington DC policy making community to influence U.S. policies on Nigeria and her ethnic nationalities and fundraising. We aim to foster a coherent and collaborative Nigerian community at home and in the Diaspora to enrich the global dialogue on Nigeria’s fading constitutional democracy, crippling economic strangulation, national security challenges, crass corruption and other high crimes against our citizenry.

“We therefore wish to make it clear that we in the diaspora have vehemently rejected the old ways of doing business as exemplified by the impunity consistently exhibited by the establishment political parties adjudged by their disrespectful presentation of either Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket or shamelessly presenting a presidential ticket that violates a past power sharing agreement.”

Oparaoji further commended all those who contributed in successfully planning and executing the programme, including Mr Chijike Ndukwu (Moderator), Dr Jude Iheoma (Co-Moderator), Dr Dorothy Ezekwe Anya, Ms Magdalene Venn, Mr John Adewoye, Yakubu Isa, and Atty Emma Odoemenem. Others are questioners including Hon Ugochukwu Nwokoro, Casmir Ukaegbu, Dr D. Ekeh, Prince Jovita Okeahialam, Lt. Samuel Uchechukwu, Hon Jonathan Anaibe, Peter Omorigho Dugbo, Okechukwu Anyanwu, Emeka Onuoha, Comrade Steve Amanze, Eunice Ntugogu, Nick Orugbani Douglas, Amb. Camilus Konkwo.
NACJD is a highly regarded Nigerian-American research and good governance advocacy organization in the United States, dedicated to the advancement of true democratic values for the mutual benefits of Nigeria, her ethnic nationalities and the United States.

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