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What Has Your Candidate Said About Ponmo?




Politicians are smart people. They will not tell you that the consumption of these sumptuous, tempting hides is hurting our leather industry. Something about list jobs.

They know they would lose votes saying so. Ponmo as it is more known is important to our national life.

But have you heard anyone mention it as a campaign issue? They really don’t care about us. That’s how the deceit is sustained.

At least one person recognised the place of ponmo though not from the soapbox. And that was in the previous century.

Chuks Iloegbunam, who claims he is not a politician, extolled the importance of ponmo in a 1983 piece published in The Guardian. It began thus, “The only thing about ponmo is not the name,” and navigated this increasingly national delicacy with a mastery of the subject and its matter.

Ponmo is a national asset. Does the candidate you are supporting upandan know anything about ponmo?

What’s your candidate’s position on ponmo? We won’t wait until 2023 to ask.

PS: It is in our national interest not to politicise ponmo

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