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I Have Nothing but Kind Wishes for Yemi Osinbajo



By Chima Christian

A good number of Nigerians, especially those from the south, see Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as a weakling. They don’t doubt his competence. He proved himself the few times he asserted the authority constitutionally assigned to him.
Osinbajo is chiefly begrudged for not speaking up or resigning when the government he holds a fraction of its ticket started fulfilling its manifest destiny. Yes, that government was destined to fail. It was obvious, but a lot of Nigerians ignored the early warning signs and fell for the scam.
In my analysis, Osinbajo’s best attempt at coming to the side of everyday Nigerians, who bled and died under the yoke of oppression their government had become, was the feeble punches thrown in the service of his presidential ambition.
Osinbajo’s 2023 gamble hit the rock. Sadly, he now has an irredeemable tag of a “betrayer” in the eyes of those who worship at the altar of “Unknown Bishops of Agbado Diocese.”
Listening to Osinbajo, I think he genuinely wanted to help. I sometimes feel as if I could see his heart. I ask myself during my quiet time, “what would I have done if I found myself in Osinbajo’s shoes?”
No easy answers.
Osinbajo may have come to the zenith of his political civilisation, but I don’t entirely agree with those who see him as an utter waste of governance opportunity.
As their tenure, like the faulty car that it is, gradually comes to a halt, I have nothing but kind wishes for Vice President Osinbajo.
May the God who gave him the opportunity be the only judge.
Africa’s morning will come.

Chima Christian is a Public Affairs Analyst based in Awka, Anambra State.

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