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Ortom Explodes, Accuses FG of Plotting With Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bandits to Islamise Nigeria



Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has accused federal government of working in cahoots with terrorists hand in gloves with the terrorists to Islamise Nigeria.
Ortom argued that the federal government was not innocent of the atrocities being committed by the terrorists whose objective he said was to appropriate Nigeria as a land for all the Fulani people in Africa.

Ortom, made the disclosures while appearing on Arise TV during the Morning Show, on Wednesday. He claimed that the banditry in Zamfara, Kaduna and his home state, Benue, enjoys the blessings of the federal government.

He said the aim is to dispossess the indigenous landholders and replace them with Fulani occupiers.

Hear him: “There was an attempted assasination on me and the people arrested were released, while innocent people, including my cousin and a Jukun fisherman are being prosecuted. That is their stock in trade.”

He added: “Go to Zamfara and see where the Fulani people are taking over lands of the native Hausa people. Is it in Kaduna where the Fulani people are taking over the lands of the indigenous Christian community?

“The Fulanis have made up their mind to take over Nigeria as their country using Islam as a tool. But the real thing is not Islam. Islam is simply a tool. General Obasanjo, if he comes out to say something, we should take him seriously. He said the government is working to Islamise and Fulanise the entire country. But the Fulanisation is the main agenda. They are actively working with Turkey, Saudi Arabia to Islamise the country. But the real agenda is to Fulanise the country.”

He said because the federal government has deployed Fulani militants to attack farming communities in Benue, and with at least 1.5 million locals in internally displaced peoples camp, the state now lacks enough internally generated revenue to support itself.

Ortom said his attempts to seek loan to offset the backlog of salaries owed the state’s civil servants, were blocked by the federal government which he claims hates him for exposing their alleged atrocities.

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