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I Want to be the First Successful Celebrity Virgin on Earth- Slimstar



FLAWLESS, a movie produced by Slimstar, a fast rising actress and movie producer is expected to hit the big screens starting from May 28,2022 at the Annabel Cinema, Awka, Anambra State capital.

In this exclusive interview with the ANAMBRADAILY‘s Olisemeka Sony, the 25 year old, Awba-Ofemmili born shares the story of her background as an orphan, entanglement in lesbianism in early stage of her adult life and how she managed to extricate herself from sexual escapades without breaking her virginity among others. The story of how she overcome her past to be where is now, which dovetailed into the  movie, Flawless, is shared below. Enjoy!

Can you tell us what this new movie is all about from your own perspective?

FLAWLESS is an educative movie that tells true-life story of an orphaned young girl (Myself) who got entangled in the intricate web of lesbian sexual escapades at an age she was yet to discover her true sexuality.

The girl in question, was still in primary school when she was lured into lesbianism but managed to extricate herself years later. Life was not easy for her as she grew up in a foster family without full knowledge of demise of her real parents. Her foster parents kept her in the dark over her real parents and relations.

While growing up, she never told anyone about her intimacy with fellow girls except her best girlfriend friend who swore to her that she would take the secret to her grave.

However, things took a dramatic twist when the two friends fell in love with same guy. And her friend, out of desperation  to win the guy decided to destroy her reputation by revealing her past sexual secrets to her foster parents.

Her life was literally shattered when she returned home and decided to eavesdrop on her foster parents as they were expressing regrets for picking her up when she was abandoned after the death of her parents. Without waiting to hear her own side of the story, they had elected to banish her from their home in a bid to get rid of the demonic sex spirit that possess her.

After listening to their conversation, she decided to pick her belongings and quietly leave the place that she grew up to call home. She was on her way out when her foster father who was more sympathetic decided to give her some money to take care of herself as was on the streets. And that’s how she ended up back to the street where her life began as a teenager.

What’s the difference between your life experience and what played out in the movie?

Well, there are things you could see in the movie that wasn’t actually what i experienced. For instance, In this Flawless, the character had no idea she was abandoned talk more of being a step child because she bears the same surname, whereas in my real life, I wasn’t abandoned by my parents and knew I wasn’t their child as i bear different surname.

My best friend telling my foster parents about my sexual escape isnt real and formed part of the extra scenes I added.
Also, In real life, I wasn’t sent packing, but ran away from home because of the hardship and other personal reasons.

However, having engaged in lesbianism at a very tender age with my fellow age mates will come as a shock to many because I never told anyone about it in real life before. Not even my best friend and brother knew about it.

What motivated you to tell your story through movie?

Well, I used tell people the story of my life as an orphan to gain sympathy and pity as well as help. But that didn’t add value to my life as it always ends badly. So I stopped telling people about it, because for some reasons, I felt lost, because it didn’t help me solve some of the mysteries that i badly needed to solve to be able to move on.
For instance, I really don’t know my parents or who I took after as a human being and this makes me feel ashamed. To cover up, I started lying that my parents were still alive, sometimes I avoided  questions about myself altogether. But the more i grew up, the more i knew one day, the reality of circumstance of my background will confront me and i don’t want it to be a stumbling block to my future and that of my children. I know i needed to come clean.

How did this project took off?

When I finally decided to tell the story unintentionally, I started writing the script that eventually gave birth to this movie when I heard about a script writing competition organized by Mr Eazi Brand.  

But, after several unsuccessful attempts to get him to approve my script and i noticed he felt I was being impatient and disturbing, I stopped trying to get his attention. One day, as I was reminiscing and thoughts about that script I wrote came flooding my mind, i felt that it actually mirrored my life story so I decided to retouch it. I added extra scenes to make it a bit longer and interesting with full of suspense.

What about its production?

Writing a script and producing it as a movie are entirely different things that one person cannot handle easily.  It was when the script was completed that the thought of starting my own movie production where I can finally be myself came crashing on me.

What do you think is the greatest accomplishment of this movie?

That’s that fact that I chose to tell my story in a movie that i also acted and produced. As it goes on screen, I expect everything but pity or sympathy. I want people to see what I have become despite my background and setbacks that nearly derailed my life early in life.

As this movie goes to the screen, what do you hope to take home from there?

The satisfaction, courage and pride in telling my story in the most suitable way that people can learn something useful from it. I’m also happy to disclosed that despite my exposure to lesbianism and all that i passed through early in life, i am still a virgin at 25. I have managed to remain flawless and becoming the woman that of my dream. I hope my story can inspire young girls and other people and make them realize that not all celebrities or successful ladies sell their body for money.
Above all, I hope to also take home self accomplishment, because I am very skeptical; I overthink everything and anything and I procrastinate a lot. The fact that inspite of the challenges and disappointments, I was able to finish this project is a very big deal to me.

How did you find the project?

I was able to fund the movie production from my four years savings as a waitress in a hotel.

There are many ladies who engage in prostitution and other criminal activities on the account of their less privileged background. What is your message to them?

My message is simple: Being an orphan or poor is not an excuse to chose an easy road to success through prostitution or other criminal activities. You can actually make it to the top if you don’t give up on yourself.

What record do you want to set?

Hmm. I haven’t figured that out yet. Maybe I can be the first successful celebrity virgin on earth if theirs anything like that. (Laughs). Not just a celebrity but a happily, inspirational and successful one at that, someone many young girls, especially ghe less privileged ones, can look up to as their role model.

How did you manage to stay virgin all these years?

By God’s grace and the fact that i was determined not to engage in a relationship that breached that crossed that boundary. I have had a couple of guys in my life but i made sure the relationship never reached that part.


Because i felt that i wasn’t ready yet for such relationship. I’m also determined to keep it till marriage.

Are you going to pursue a career in acting or do you have something else in mind?

Acting all the way because it’s my first love and God willing, i will study further my education in Teathre Arts to enable me professionalize what am doing. I might probably switch to music at some point but acting remains my favorite thing. It comes naturally to me.

Apart from FLAWLESS, what other movies have you featured in so far?

Well, i have featured in a couple of movies such as Hustlers, The Dreamers, The Web as well as a a short video based on Ayra Star album with a content creator. Ayra star is a musician signed by Marvins record label owned by Don Jazzy. We were paid N1 million by Don Jazzy for that project and he shared it on his Instagram page.

I actually wrote the script and co-directed it as well as played the lead cast. I also did a lot of short videos with Afri-multimedia and Warrination. I believe I have so much potential in entertainment business but lack of money is my stumbling block right now. But, I’m not perturbed by it because i believe the future is bright.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five to ten years?

Where I hope to see myself in next five years is to be happily successful.

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