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Why I Begged Soludo for N.5m My Wonder Drug NAFDAC License Fee – Dr Etta



Dr Paul Isaac Etta is a 90-year-old bio-chemist who is confident that his yet-to-be-approved drug can cure many deadly diseases currently ravaging the whole country, including Anambra state. Such diseases include HIV/Aids, diabetes, ulcer, sickle-cell anaemia, hypertension and others. He disclosed that he had written an appeal-for-fund letter to the Anambra state governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, begging for N500,000 financial support to enable him secure the license for the drug. Etta, a first-generation bio-chemistry expert, in this exclusive interview with Anambra Daily’s Christopher Okafor, shed more light on the secret behind his robust health at old age, his scientific discovery and his quest to secure the obligatory license for the drug, among others.

Sir, kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Dr. Isaac Paul Etta. I hail from Etiba in the Abi local government area of Cross River state, South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. I was born on 8th February, 1933. I attended the Etiba Town Council School and took my First School Leaving Certificate examinations in 1949. I was the only candidate who got a higher success and so was retained via employment as primary school teacher in the school. After two years of teaching service, however, I resigned my appointment and went to a Laboratory Training School in Uyo, present-day Akwa Ibom state. After the training, I was posted to the Afikpo Primordial Hospital where I worked as a laboratory technician. After barely three years at the place, I headed for the Yaba School of Science and Technology for another advanced training. At the end of the training, I went to the Christ The King College (CKC), Onitsha, Anambra state, where I was employed as a Senior Laboratory Technician. I worked at CKC till my retirement in 1995.

Can you share your experience at the CKC?

CKC was like a second home to me. In fact, at CKC Onitsha, we worked harmoniously without any discrimination and there was nothing like where you came from because we were all indigenes of the old Eastern Region. This was until the war broke out and I returned to my hometown after all schools in the region were shut down. Before the war, all the teachers at CKC were experts in their fields and I was the only laboratory technician among them who used to coordinate the teachers in the science subjects and practicals. At the end of the war, when the returning students took their examinations, they couldn’t do well at all. In fact, there was something like a scandalous examination cheating, then tagged “expo.” As a result of such an unusual event, the principal of the school sent for me to help them deal with the crisis. In the letter they wrote to me, the school management pleaded with me to come back quickly to the school because CKC was falling. After reading the letter, I reported quickly to the school with full confidence. In fact, when I returned, I found out that all the chemical reagents and laboratory equipment were destroyed and vandalised during the war. The few that remained were in a very bad state. My job was to put them in a functional state again which I did. That was how CKC Onitsha got revived after the civil war. My services and some other contributions at the CKC Onitsha were so great that the students nicknamed me bio-chem. It was so because I helped them in science subjects and they happened to do very well, scoring high marks in their examinations.

You look so strong and lively for a person of your age. What’s the secret behind your outlook?

Well, the fact is that I had been very sick due to a combination of old age, diabetes, hypertension, stomach ulcer and tooth ache. But, God saved me through a special therapy I developed. I call it Spectrum P chemical (PPC). The therapy has been the secret behind my outlook and robust health at this advanced age of 90 years.

What is Spectrum P Chemical?

It’s an extract solution from plant leaves processed from the spectrum of the sun called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the chemical content of plant leaves which has been absorbed from the ultraviolet rays of the sun (sunlight). It is this spectrum of the sun that provides much needed energy to plants through conversion of the light energy to chemical energy for the growth of the plant. So, what I did was to extract haemoglobin, as a solution. Remember that haemoglobin is also a pigment in the human blood system that absorbs oxygen. When the oxygen is absorbed in the body, it will burn the food and extract vital minerals generated, making the body to have resistance and strength; in fact, it fortifies the immune system in the body, enhancing the fight against germs and such harmful intruders in the human body at any point in time. Then, because of these sicknesses I mentioned earlier, I had to devise a means to make use of that chlorophyll solution which I named ‘Spectrum P’, which I started using on myself. So, whenever I take it, it usually makes the haemoglobin in my system to absorb more oxygen thereby creating more energy. Administration of that solution ensured that the so-called hypertension and other ailments that used to torment me, disappeared. If you run a diagnostic test on me now, you will find no trace of those ailments in my system. They are gone. In fact, that is what is empowering me. This same therapy I discovered and used to cure myself, has equally been used on some persons who suffered from sickle cell anaemia and those living with HIV and AIDS. When the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) enters the human body, it starts growing (feeding) on the haemoglobin, thereby depriving it from absorbing the required oxygen. However, when Spectrum P solution is administered on the patient, it will strengthen the haemoglobin and stop the HIV/AIDS from depriving it of oxygen. In that case, with the continuation of the oxygen supply to the system, the virus itself would be unable to feed on the haemoglobin and when that happens over time, it dies off. It is so because any living organism that stops growing is dead.

How did you extract energy from plant to form this therapy?

Well, the layman’s explanation is that we get a combination of different plant leaves which are green, then use alcohol to cook them until their nutrient colour comes out. Thereafter, we extract the spectrum. Of course, we add preservatives so that they don’t degrade in quality or spoil. That’s all I can say about that.

Has this therapy of yours been subjected to critical trial by the relevant authorities for approval for use?

No. And the reason is not far-fetched. Before any of such therapy is approved to be widely used, it must be tested and certified by the National Agency for Food Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and other relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that it does not have harmful effects or injurious to human health.
My therapy has not received NAFDAC approval because I have not been able to raise money needed to get my plant ready for inspections and other things before approval. It is all about money. Nothing else.

But what was your plan from the outset?

Well, I consider myself a scientist whose first priority is to engage in research geared towards providing solution for certain challenges in society. That is exactly what I have done by developing a therapy that is so effective in addressing health challenges. However, my vision is to make the therapy available for use in hospitals in Nigeria and across the world so that people’s lives could be saved. It is rather unfortunate that my dream has not been a reality due to financial constraint. That is why I am appealing to government and the general public to help me achieve this long-awaited goal.

Have you made any serious efforts to get government or non-government organisations to support your experiment?

Yes! I wrote the Anambra state ministry of health sometime ago, requesting for their assistance. They explained to me the importance of getting NAFDAC approval but I told them that there was no fund with me to secure NAFDAC approval and that I needed their help. They gave me a form to fill, which I did. I equally analysed everything I needed for the therapy to get NAFDAC approval and commence commercial production. Although I registered with the ministry of health to have it licensed with the licensing body, no one could help me with the money I needed to pull the NAFDAC inspection off. I did everything possible to put in place pipe-borne water and other facilities to make the production plant good but failed because of money.

How long have you been into this therapy experiment?

It was in 1995 that I started the journey. If I had gotten NAFDAC approval, the whole world would have been hearing about the product since then and it would have saved many lives. But, here we are, still talking about it more than 27 years after. As a result of this setback of getting half a million naira for the NAFDAC approval, I decided to limit the use of the therapy to myself and my family members, and it has been serving us well. Those who had trusted in us have equally got cured. What is actually stopping us is the license.

Have you made any attempt to reach Governor Chukwuma Soludo to see if he can provide any support?

Well, I wrote a letter to the Anambra state goveon 25th April, 2023, through the office of the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) about this same matter and I am still waiting for the government response. I told him about the therapy and appealed for a financial assistance of the sum of N500,000.00 (five hundred thousand naira). I explained that the money would be utilised in establishing a standard production factory for the therapy as required by the NAFDAC for their inspections before giving their approval for its use in medical treatment.

Are you optimistic of getting your prayers answered?

Ofcourse, I am positive. What is life without hope? Even though, I am 90 years of age, I still believe that I can deliver this therapy to the society before my time is up and, who knows, God can use Soludo to make my dreams come through.

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