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The Chelsea Dilemma



Abramovich - Chelsea

Over the past decade, Roman Abramovich has turn Chelsea FC from Champions league strugglers to a formidable and dominant team across Europe and the world.

Chelsea experienced the most successful era in the club history during the Romain empire reign winning, 3 league cups, 5 FA cups, 2 community shield, 5 premier League trophy, 2 Champions League, 2 Europa League, 1 UEFA SUPER Cup and 1 Club World Cup.

The Russia – Ukraine crisis lead to the sanction of the Russian Oligarch which spell the end of the Romain reigns at the bridge throwing Chelsea into turmoil.

Abramovich had already put the club up sale before the sanction and so far the quest for new owners had taken longer than expected from Raine group, who is charge of the selection processes.

First phase of the selection has seen, only three bidders left who amongst them, the Boehly led group and Broughton led group are seen as favourites to be announced this week.

However, the Stamford Bridge renovation assurance demanded from the bidders by the Raine group has been rumoured to be a stumbling block by insiders. This will definitely prolong the takeover processes.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is currently operating on a license which expires by the end of May, 2022.
What becomes the faith of Chelsea if by the end of May, the takeover processes isn’t completed yet, taking into fact that the Premier league will still verify/screen the preferred bidder.

This whole processes takes time and has left some Chelsea players and staff in limbo. The effects has started manifesting on field and off life.

The recent dilemma has led to imminent depart of Chelsea’s best defender Antonio Rudiger. Tuchel confirmed that Rudiger will leave on a free transfer at the end of the season after Chelsea failed to meet up his salary demands before the sanction.

Rudiger’s decision to leave could be likened to the uncertainty behind Chelsea takeover.
The Dilemma also contributed to the teams recent dip in form.

If the preferred bidder is not announced this week, I don’t see the possibility of completing the takeover process before the end of May and this could prove to be disastrous and spell the end for Chelsea football club.

An end to a club like Chelsea will be a huge blow  not only to the football world but also to communities that benefits from Chelsea foundation programme.

However is the takeover goes through before the deadline and a passionate owner is chosen (which is the main reason behind the delay), it could make Chelsea even a stronger team than it is.

Who knows what the outcome will be, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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