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Major of Africa Drops Much Anticipated Highlife Hit Track, ” EJE ANA BU ISI IJE



By Our Reporter

The multi-talented high life maestro, MAJOR OF AFRICA and his AFRICA TALENT INTERNATIONAL BAND has yet again given his teeming fans and highlife music lovers globally something to lighten up their playlist with his new Extended Play (EP) titled EJE ANA BU ISI IJE.

The 4-tracks EP set to be released on Friday,2nd June, 2023 boasts of tracks like Eje ana bu isi ije, Wayo di ya, Happy birthday and Ego bu mma Okolobia.

The track EJE ANA BU ISI IJE which doubles as the E.P’s theme came laced with MAJOR OF AFRICA’s typical Igbo adages, proverbs, maxims, quips and quotes carefully packaged and masterfully unstringed with the progression of rhythm. The guitar and acoustic sounds which brings to mind tunes of highlife legends like Oliver de Coque and Celestine Ugwu seems to practically drag listeners involuntarily to the dancefloor.

WAYO DI YA reflects the general mood of most well meaning Nigerians about the 2023 Presidential Election. You can feel the sombre and pensive mood of the people and almost angst as the lyrics unroll and equally the danger such electoral malpractices portend to our democracy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY calls to mind great work done by old school highlife legend like Evi Edna in the early 80s. It’s certain that the track will receive a wide acceptance and a must play in birthday celebrations.

EGO BU MMA OKOLOBIA is track bellied with much swag and can provoke some vigorous swivelling dance steps. It upholds the role of money in making life meaningful especially in one’s youth. The track goes a step further to eulogize some notable youths who through sheer industrousness and doggedness has amassed wealth and used it for the betterment of their society.

These songs are readily available and can be downloaded via Youtube@Major of Africa.

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