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Ex-Nkwelle Ezunaka Community PG Blames His Ouster For Being A Native Doctor



By Julie Sylvia, Onitsha

A former President General of Nkwelle-Ezunaka community in Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State, Ikechukwu Nwankwo, says he was ousted from power because he was a traditional medicine practitioner.

The native doctor who narrated his ordeal to newsmen on Tuesday, disclosed that he almost died or lost one of his arms in the course of fighting for the welfare of his community.

According to him, despite his efforts both financially and physically, some powerful individuals in the community plotted his downfall,on the excuse that a native doctor would not be their President General.

Hear him: “I was former PG, and chairman of Ezinkwelle Village. I am a native doctor, I don’t do it because I like it but because it is my destiny, I have lived overseas for seven good years, before I came back and I was told that my destiny is to become a native doctor. I said ok, there is no problem and I decided to be.

“I was their PG for two years and six months, they later said that native doctor will not rule them. When I was there, I spent my own money to build roads, a lot of things. So after that, I decided to be on my own, to let it be.

” So instead of losing my life, let me give way because, like I said, I would have died or lost one of my arms.

“I had earlier decided not to involve myself with any activities in the community until I see improvement, and I can agree that now Nkwelle-Ezunaka community is improving.

“All I can do now is that if the community is doing something and I have an advice, I give them, let me face my destiny. I was bestowed on my profession by divine. Any other thing leadership, is no longer my business, even in the age grade, community, town union, among others, I am not interested, let me face my family to live a longer life.

“It is because of chairmanship election in the community that my hand would have been cut off with knife unnecessary, if not for God, I will be with one hand today”.

Explaining further, he said that most of the things he does as a native doctor, are of spirit, adding that some people do not know where they come from, into this world.

He however condemned some traditional medicine practitioners who he said talked rubbish in the social media and asked the people not to listen to such native practitioners.

“I know I came from the river, the wrapper around the spirit waist of my deity, signifies that, anything one does without the proper process, you must come back. My destiny is to appease the gods with the spirit I work with, if somebody decides for your downfall, we appease the god and you have your way. I don’t make one to get rich, I don’t make way for somehow to throw away what the parents/grandparents kept.

“You have to suffer for that, since you have decided to throw those things kept by your parents away, the suffering awaits you, and you have to suffer for that. Before you go to any marine doctor for riches, watch his family, relatives, brothers and sisters, the house he live, what he does for a living, before asking for richness, there is no food for a lazy man, that’s why I blame the youths of these days, on their way of approach to becoming rich.”

He however, blamed Federal Government and parents for hard drug consumption, especially methamphetamine, by youths, stating that youths should look for something doing and stop being lazy which leads to consumption of the said drugs.

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