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Bishop Obi Lists Achievements as Nnewi Diocese Begins 2022 Synod



Praise Chinecherem

Anglican Bishop of Nnewi Diocese Anambra State, Rt. Rev. Ndubuisi Obi on Tuesday said arrangements have been concluded for a successful 2022 Synod slated for Thursday, September 8 at St Mathews Church Ozubulu, Ekwusigo Local Goverment Area of the state.

The Bishop who made the revelation during a press briefing at the Bishop Court, Nnewi, said the theme of the synod is “Understanding The Time.”

He enumerated the numerous achievements of the diocese in the area of education, agriculture, health, physical and spiritual growth of the diocese in the last one year.

He further disclosed that the diocese had planted 38 new churches, and preferred 18 archdeacons targeted at improving spiritual advancement of the church even as he also previewed some of the expectations of the diocese in the next one year.

He said, “The diocese is working so hard to generate resources to administer and run the programs and projects of the diocese without recourse to the local churches.

“The purpose is to ensure that monies generated at the church levels are used for the empowerment of the individual church.

He noted that the diocese is fully prepared physically and spiritually family for an hitch free synod.

Commenting on the State of the nation, Bishop Obi admonished Nigerians to stop lamenting about the President Mohammadu Buhari led administration.

He pointed out that he is fed up with talking and shouting about the evils inherent in the administration of the day, describing the present government as incompetent and clueless.

He said the best option was for Nigerians to exercise patience as they prayerfully wait for the emergence of a better administration.

He said, “When you’re talking and those you’re talking to are not listening, I think the best thing is to keep quiet, until and when another government comes in, you can start talking again.

“Experience has shown us there’s no need flogging a dead horse. The truth is that the present government has failed. That’s why I’m quarreling with ASUU. Why are you striking when those you’re striking for doesn’t even understand what you’re doing.

“Why not go back to class and continue teaching while we prayerfully wait for the government to leave in peace so we can recover our country again. 

“I don’t think this government has the capacity of doing more than what they’re doing, wether in security, education or otherwise.”

On President Mohammadu Buhari’s assurances of non interference in the 2023 election, the Prelate expressed doubt over fulfillment of promise, insisting the signs on ground were contradictory.

“Unless you’re not conversant with the nation’s politics, all the names submitted to the National Assembly for appointment of INEC commissioners are generally believed to be APC carrying members. 

“How can you say someone doing such a thing would not be interested in interfering with the election? Even the Senate President has told us that whatever the President brings to them will fly. 

“I think they have their own agenda. But we believe God has His own plans which supercedes every other plans.”

The Prelate advised Anambra State governor, Prof Charles Soludo  to prioritize his policies, arguing that Okpoko should not have been the first port of call for rehabilitation.

According to him, that the governor would have developed the major cities capable of generating enough revenue which would later be channeled to develop Okpoko.

“He should have started by  developing cities like Nnewi that has so many people with deep pockets who can be galvanized to  bring their resources to help build their community after which the acruing resources can be utilized for the development of other cities. 

“Gov Soludo should bring sound minds in Anambra from the academia and business sector and few persons from the church to put heads and funds together to make Anambra better than Dubai in line with the vision of the governor for the state.

“Anambra has people all over the world who have the capacity to move the state to enviable position. I think we should concentrate on the development of our state rather than dissipating so much energy on Nigeria that is not willing, with the development of Anambra, someone can then rise from here with the template to develop the nation.

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