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2023: Institute calls for rejection of money inducement 



The Public Administration and Management Development Institute (PAMDI) has called on Nigerians to vote candidates with the ability to solve the nation’s  problems and reject financial inducement during the next general elections.

The  call was made on Friday  in Abuja at the institute’s two-day  national conference with the theme: “Accountability and Good Governance as Potent Insturments for Wealth Creation and Economic Transformation in Nigeria.”

Chief Okwesilieze Nwodo, Former Governor of Enugu State, represented by Prof. Ofili Ugwudioha, Dean of Faculty, Management Sciences, Nile University, Nigeria, said the conference  was apt to proffer solutions ahead of the 2023 elections .

Nwodo said that  Nigeria is in dire need of good leadership because it is the major factor leading to insecurity ,unemployment among others.

 “These are our problems and I believe the earlier we start thinking of the future, the better for this country.

” Politics is always the major problem we have, the political class, always do whatever they want with the people that voted them into power and get away with it.

“Now 2023 is coming. Where do we go from here? We have capable candidate most of the people that came for presidency  there is none of them I  can say cannot lead.

“However , for us  the electorate we should look at the unique qualities , what does this man have that this one doesn’t have? What can this one offer that this one cannot offer?

“We have to look at the scale of preference amongst these people  and not just who gives you money ,we should  look at who have the best economic  and other policies for the country.

“If we vote wrongly, we will  get the wrong persons to rule us and once you get the wrong person to rule you, then you will see things even worse than this,” he said

He said the  workable solutions for policymakers is to learn the act of collaborative policies working with the private sector to make the  economy work.

 He said that once there is a collaborative effort between the private sector that drives the economy and the government, then there would  be an improvement.

Dr Elijah Ogboukiri, Director-General, PAMDI, said that the institute holds its  national conference  annually to proffer solutions to national issues as part its contributions to nation building.

Ogboukiri said the focus of the conference was to  re-engineer  the minds of Nigerians  and call  them to  the consciousness of the challenges of the  action and the way forward.

“The institute felt that it should speak on   the issues  of accountability and good governance  because not  having them is the  bane of  the challenges in Nigeria,” he added. 

He said that at the end of the conference would drat a communique  that would serve as policy document to be sent to the National Assembly and published by the media for further action .

Dr Ayo Ade,  a Zonal Coordinator of the institute, said that  the  aim of the conference was to build  value orientation  in citizens  and create the desired change in the country .

” You notice that most youths are trying to escape from the country searching for greener pasture. Is that the solution? I do not think so. The  country is blessed that is a known fact  worldwide, what we lack is leadership .

“So let us  look out for somebody that we can actually trust ,that over time has been tested and trusted in a  little capacity  to lead,” he added.

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