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Presidency Dismisses Impeachment Threat Against Buhari as Mere ‘Bravado, Waste of Time’



The Presidency has dismissed threat by minority senators to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari over insecurity as sheer bravado and a waste of time.

Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, in an interview on Channels TV’s Politics Today described it as “just bravado”, before noting that “security is not something you subject to bravado.”

Adesina argued that the lawmakers should refrain from issuing flippant ultimatums in something that is a matter of life and death. According to him, those senators who issued the impeachment threats were the minority of minorities, and that they would have their say as was needful in a democracy, but that it would not go beyond that.

He adds that those senators knew in their heart of hearts that they could not achieve what they were saying. “They are just wasting the country’s time, wasting the time of the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly, they know that they cannot achieve it,” he added.

He said the truth was that in this kind of scenario, minority “will always have its say while the majority will have its way.”
Adesina said every Nigerian needed to be concerned about the insecurity situation in the country, but said the senators were only worried because the insecurity has gotten close to them in Abuja.

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