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Obi Reacts to Power Collapse Crisis Rocking Nigeria, Insists on Leadership Change



The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi has described the recurring power system collapse in recent times in Nigeria as a sign of failed leadership, urging citizens to support his bid.
Obi said in a statement that reports of the national power grid has collapsed for the sixth time in seven months is cause for alarm.

“Once again, many Nigerians have been left grope around in darkness without electricity. Such negative parameters are not only benchmarks for governance failure but a compelling catalyst for leadership change”, the former Anambra governor said.

According to him, a nation where many go to “the bed hungry, and national bakers going on strike is indicative of the high-stress level in both the productive realm of our economy and quality of life.”

“Also, for bread, one of the basic and affordable daily sustenance of the average Nigerian to become unavailable translates to a national crisis.”

Obi insisted that government must live up to its statutory responsibilities to avert socio-economic incidents that induce extreme shock and stress on the national population.

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