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IPOB Declares Fleeing Ebubeagu Commander Wanted, Places N20 Million Bounty on His Head



The Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB) has declared the commander of Ebubeagu security outfit in Imo State, Izuchukwu Akuegbulanwa wanted. The Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led group also placed N20million bounty on his head for any useful information that can lead to tracking him.

Akuegbulanwa is being hunted for his alleged role in the killing of 14 wedding guests in Awo-Omamma, Oru East Local Government Area by suspected operatives of Ebubeagu security outfit.

The state governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma and the Department of State Services ( DSS), however, had exonerated Ebubeagu from the extra judicial killing. He stated stating that the DSS was responsible for the action, describing those killed as members of the security arm of the IPOB – Eastern Security Network ( ESN).

IPOB, In a statement released through its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, blamed Ebubeagu for the deaths of the wedding attendees.

IPOB statement read: “Following the frustration and desperate effort to change the narrative concerning the gruesome murder of 14 Otulu and Awo-Omamma youths who were returning from a traditional wedding of their friend, we the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of our great and indefatigable leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, want to caution Hope Uzodinma over his consistent lies to the public and people whose mandate he fraudulently ceased with the help of the Supreme Court amidst oath of allegiance to the Fulani Caliphate.

‘The statement credited to this lying Caliphate agent Administrator in Imo, Hopeless Uzodinma has it that the security agents naturalized criminals in their camp in Awo-Mmamma, but never explained which camp they were referring to. The people of Awo-Omamma wonder what kind of camp Hope Uzodinma is talking about. The indigenes within the location of the massacre know that Hope Uzodinma’s house in Omuma is also referred to as “Ebube-Agu camp” because that was where the Ebube-Agu militia who murdered the 14 youths came from and they returned to the same Omuma residence of Hope Uzodinma after their murderous operation. We ask again:Which camp in Awo-Omamma is Hope with his partners in crime referring to? Is it the one at Omuma Community in the stadium where they murder and burn human beings alive or another?

“We also wish to remind the DSS to stop lying. They did not kill any ESN member, they are trying to cover up Hope Uzodinma from his evil. If they claim that the slaughtered wedding guests were ESN members killed in their camp, let them tell the very camp in Awo-Mmamma they killed these 14 innocent youths. No lier will have peace!

“It is imperative to elucidate with accurate information regarding the death of these innocent young men murdered in cold-blood by Hope Uzodinma’s militia boys whom he equipped with sophisticated weapons.Hope Uzodinma equipped the special squad amongst Ebube-Agu militia with mandate to kill any young person that is not a member of his party or his errands boys. The Ebube-Agu militia that guards his country home uses the Mini and delapidated Stadium in that locality as a slaughter house which Hope and his men refers to as “abattoir”. At this particar abattoir is where they slaughter those suspected to be members and sympathisers of IPOB.

‘Hope Uzodinma of Imo State is killing his people in honour of his agreement with the caliphate and consistently lies to the public. The head of this murderous militia named Ebube-Agu in Imo State is one drug and cult leader returnee from Mozambique, Mr Izuchukwu Akuegbulanwa {Aka Ogwu}. As a result of his murderous terrorist activities against our people, IPOB hereby declares this Ebube-Agu Commander in Imo State wanted.

“He is now a wanted person in Biafra land. Any body who gives useful information about him and what will lead to the capture of this murderer will get a reward of 2 million Naira from IPOB. ESN Imo State Command has also been given a matching order to look for him to account for the innocent blood of Biafrans his crimininal gang has wasted.

IPOB added,”The Intelligence report at our disposal is that he is working with murderous Nigeria Security Agencies and now living with Hope Uzodinma in the Government House Owerri. But ESN and IPOB will handle his own case and he will reap the reward of his atrocities. He can’t hide forever because the gods of the land is against him and his sponsors. We enjoin every Biafran especially Imo people to be on the lookout for him and give us useful information about his movements. We must hold him to account for the innocent people he has wasted in cold blood.

“Immediately the house of Hope Uzodinma was burnt down early last year by unknown gunmen, Hope Uzodinma became enraged and designated all the young men and ladies in Orlu Senatorial zone as household enemies for slaughter. To terrorize and kill his perceived youth enemies he recruited some crimininals from Igbo land, Ijaw land through Alhaji Dukubo Asari and some Fulani boys and branded them as Ebube-Agu militia.

“Remember that Ikonso was murdered for rejecting the offer of a hatchet man’s job for Hope. Ikonso rejected his devilish offer to kill his fellow Igbo people instead he chose to protect the people and the land as ESN Commander. Uzodinma bought over some treacherous persons close to Ikonso and murdered him in his sleep.Hope is a murderer and a killer of his people because his people rejected him at the pulls and he went through the back door to become Governor. That’s why fellow Igbo people refer to him as a Supreme Court Governor which of course he is.

It said,”We, therefore want to remind Hope Uzodinma that one day nemesis will catch up with him. He will surely pay for his atrocities. The day of reckoning is coming as he will not be Governor for ever. We wonder if he will relocate from Biafra land or return to his house at the end of his murderous regime.Uzodinma should know that his lies will not save him. No amount of lies in his desperation to cover the truth and exonerate himself will save him. The world is already aware that even Liar Mohammed is more honest than he.

“Hope Uzodinma has his killing squad in Omuma, Awo-Mmamma and Orlu LGA who uses the stadium by his place to cordon off innocent youths, slaughter them like fowls and burn their bodies. How can God allow a man behind such a heinous crime to go unpunished?Hope Uzodinma, your name has become notorious in the world of murderers as one that sacrifices his own people for political advancement. Well, those who know you closely are not surprised because of your earlier profession which was to obtain by tricks (fraud) and we know all your antics and gimmicks.

“This was the reason IPOB opposed the formation of Ebube-Agu security outfit by South East Governors because we knew they did not mean well for our people but unfortunately some people misunderstood us. We knew the wicked South East Governors were briefed by their Fulani slavemasters to use the criminal outfit to spy on ESN and eliminate more innocent Biafran youths. They were promised Vice Presidential slots in return but little did they know the Fulani wanted to use and dump them as is now the case. We knew Ebube-Agu was evil. If the Governors were sincere why didn’t they follow the way the South West Governors used in floating Amotekun security outfit that is today helping to secure Yoruba land?

‘ It’s very unfortunate that instead of supporting the gallant ESN operatives launched by our leader to protect BIAFRA land against criminal herdsmen and jihadists, South East Governors because of their selfish political interests colluded with the federal government to attack innocent volunteers sacrificing their lives to protect their ancestral land. What a foolish act! That’s why South East Governors do not worth anything before their Northern counterparts. How many Northern Governors have ever exposed bandits and terrorists rampaging their states? They even pay them tribute and their Emirs give Chieftaincy titles to mass murderers but in Biafra land our Governors take the lead in killing their own youths. Posterity will judge all of them.”

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