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APGA Spokesman Dismisses Leadership Crisis , Njoku, Okorie’s Claims as ‘Labouring in Vain’



By Julie Sylvia, Onitsha

The National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Tex Okechukwu, has allayed fears that the leadership crisis rocking the party may cause cost it 2023 general election.

Okechukwu also dismissed claims of a possible take over of APGA by Chief Edozie Njoku from Chief Victor Oye as failed bid.

The party’s spokesperson made the claims in a press release issued to newsmen in Onitsha on Wednesday. According to him, “apart from the earlier stages in the life of the party that its founding chairman, Chief Chekwas Okorie, was removed for wanting to trade off the party’s mandate in Anambra, the party has never removed her chairman since then by any unconventional means”.

“So it bemused many discerning minds seeing the likes of Edozie Njoku and the disgraced Chekwas Okorie labouring in vain to lay claims to the leadership of the party without any convention known to the party or any well meaning Nigerian for that matter.”

“They failed to learn from Maxi Okwu’s experience that APGA is unlike the other parties in Nigeria where one would wake up to start laying claims to her leadership without due process or the laid down rules of the party”.

“Chief Victor Ike Oye is the recognized authentic national chairman of APGA!. His tenure in office will expire next year,” he Insists.

, Tex Okechukwu, APGA spokesperson.

Okechukwu urged Njoku and Okorie to go to their various wards and re-register with APGA so that they would be eligible to participate in the convention of the party for the purpose of electing a new leadership billed for next year.

“This advice is timely, and if they heed to it, they will definitely have the peace of mind which we all are certain has eluded them since the near perfect leadership of Chief Victor Ike Oye began a little over 6 years ago. As it is now, they can run from pillar to post seeking for a mirage or building castles in the air while APGA keeps waxing stronger.”

“Only the National Convention of the party next year, will bid him goodbye for serving the party meritoriously for the past eight years”, he adds.

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