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Igbo Movie Producers Demand Justice over Popular Nollywood Actor Murdered by His Kinsman PA



The Igbo Movie Producers Association of Nigeria (IMPAN) has called for prosecution of the suspect behind the murder of Nollywood actor, Prince Emma Buchi.

AnambraDaily gathered that the actor was allegedly killed around July 7,2022 by a yet-to-be identified kinsman who served as his Personal Assistant (PA) under a mysterious circumstances in his private apartment in Asaba, Delta State capital.

Buchi’s decomposing body of the actor was found in his room on Tuesday, July 12, and it was equally discovered that the PA carted away the deceased’s property leaving only his ceiling fan.

Reacting to the development, the President of IMPAN, Mr Johnpaul Nwanganga, disclosed on Wednesday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), that a member of the deceased’s family confirmed that Buchi hailed from the same village in Umuahia as the suspect.

According to Nwanganga, the suspect was a butcher before he approached the deceased actor asking to be taught film production.

“Information from the deceased family member said the PA’s house in Umuahia has been razed by protesting youths since he escaped,’’ Nwanganga said.

He condemned the killing as wicked and barbaric, saying Buchi’s death was a big loss to Nollywood and to Nigeria.

He called on security agencies to intensify efforts to ensure that the perpetrator was arrested and warned Nigerians to be wary of whom they hired as Personal Assistants.

He recalled that the murder of Buchi was brought to public knowledge by a Facebook user, Lucy Rich on Tuesday. Rich reported that Buchi’s remains were found by neighbours after they perceived pungent odour oozing out of his window and saw flies gathering there since Monday.

Last post made by the late actor on July 6,2022.

A close look at the corpse showed that the victim might have been butchered seven days before then.

“The guy killed him and went away with his property and locked his dead body in the room.

“He wanted to go with his car, but I guess he couldn’t drive and so he left the car key in the car,’’ the Facebook user posted.

He asked that whoever had the PA’s phone number should contact him as Buchi was last seen with the suspected murderer.

Reacting to the murder, police spokesman in Delta, DSP Bright Edafe, said that investigation had started into the murder. He said while the PA to Buchi had been fingered, the police would not presume him guilty until proven so.

“If the family says their suspect is the PA, we shall still investigate. We are on his trail as he is on the run,’’ he said.

Edafe added that no arrest had been made, but the police would surely get to the root of the matter.

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