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2023 PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Group Slams APC for Fielding Muslims as Presidential Candidates



By Praise Necherem

The Peter Volunteer Council, PVC, a support group of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi on Wednesday described the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the All Progressive Congress, APC as unfair, unjust and a slap on not only Christians but non-Muslims in Nigeria.

The group also said that the APC’s Muslim-Muslim ticket was a demonstration of level of open hostility and hidden contempt the present administration President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration treats religious groups that are not Muslim faithful.

In a statement issued in Onitsha by its National Coordinator, Mr Chris Arinze, PVC also said that the only people whether Muslims or Christian that will support the APC Muslim ticket are religious bigots and Muslin fanatics, saying that any reasonable and truly Muslin faithful will reject the ticket because a truly Muslim faithfuls likes and approves justice and fairness.

PVC also said that the APC Muslim-Muslim ticket has exposed the level of the intelligence and sagacity of those that are are intending to take the leadership of a complex country like Nigeria. urging Nigerians to shine their eyes to avoid making a mistake that will further dim the future of the country.

Describing the APC ticket as very myopic, unachievable, appalling, unthinkable, unequitable, unjust to natural justice and lacking in fairness, APC, urged its members and Nigerians who are not Muslims and even Muslims who are disappointed by the Muslim-Muslim ticket not to be deterred, but be consoled that the LP president and vice presidential candidates are true Nigerians and true democrats.

The groups statement read, “Peter Volunteer Council, PVC, is shocked that a party, like the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, will after the argument generated by the right or wrong of presidential and vice presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential election, belonging to the same religion, will still go ahead to approve a Muslim-Muslim for the contest of who becomes the President of Nigeria come 2023 election presidential election.

“We categorically condemn this deliberate slap on non Muslims in Nigeria, this is politics carried too far, and we see this decisions of APC and its flag bearers as very myopic, very appalling, unthinkable, and unequitable, unjust to natural justice, fair play and therefore unachievable.

“This Muslim-Muslim ticket of APC, has opened a new chapter of the open hostility and hidden contempt with which the present administration of APC treats non Muslims in Nigeria. It has equally exposed the level of the intelligence and tolerance in all human endeavours of the people in the party who are aspiring to assume the seat of the president and vice president of Nigeria.

“This APC ticket speaks volume of the party and its zero tolerance if a dissenting views, and its total intolerance of opposing views. One would have expected the party, considering the secular nature of Nigeria where we have three different major religions, Muslim, Christian and Traditional, made a choice of its vice presidential candidate from either Christian or Traditional religion.

“However, we urge Nigerians, non Muslims and our members not to be deterred, by APC choice of ticket because the LP president and vice presidential candidates are true Nigerians and true democrats,  who are not religious bigots, but people holds in high esteem the values and moral rights of Nigerians, pertinent need to balance sensitive things and nature of our secular country.”

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