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2023 PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Are You OBIdient or Disobedient?



Dear Governor Hope Uzodimma,

You are either OBEDIENT or you are DISOBEDIENT

Your Excellency, no matter what your aides and desperate sycophants around you, tell you, the truth is that there is a revolutionary wind blowing across Nigeria at the moment and there is nothing, no power, no strategy and no conspiracy can stop it.

Given your influential position in the ruling APC, it is understandable that you will try everything to stick with your Party or, at least, be seen as sticking with your Party, but the truth of the matter, is that this is not the time to be a loyal Party member, but to be a loyal Nigerian.

Some of you are sitting so high and so comfortably on your high horses that you don’t seem ready to come down a little and see what is really playing out under your very face. The people are getting ready to take back their country, and anyone who stands on their way will be crushed. This is a revolution, not an election. You have to get in or be thrown out.

So, when you are talking about not being Obedient, you are simply setting yourself against the people, and I want to assure you that it won’t be funny at the end. You know, I have recently learnt to love you, but on this issue, you are completely on your own and the day, we will take stock of the DISOBEDIENT, I shall count you in, if you do not quickly reverse yourself or at least, find a way to keep quiet and focus on some of the very wonderful jobs you are doing in Imo State.

You have no option but to be Obedient or what happens to Disobedient people will happen to you. You have to be Obedient to the wishes of the people or you will be treated like a traitor by the people.

I can assure you that Imo people, like all patriotic people across Nigeria, shall vote for candidates across Party lines. They shall vote for individual candidates on the merit of their records of service and integrity. We will not be carried away by the many opportunists jumping into the train, just because it is convenient. We will vote for the right candidates across Party lines, and throw all our votes to Mr. Peter Obi for President.

My dear Governor, listen to your people, obey them and it shall be well with you.

Thank you.

I am Onwuasoanya FCC Jones, the Righteous Rebel.

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