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2023 General Election: Don, CSOs Urge Nigerian Voters to Resist Vote-Buyers



By Luchee Igwe

Prof. Chris Abakare of  Department of Philosophy, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state has urged Nigerian voters to be wary of political candidates trying to use money to buy their votes during the 2023 general election.

Abakare told AnambraDaily in Awka, that spending huge sums of money to win election was fast becoming a business venture in Nigeria.

According to him,  money politics portends great negative consequences for the country’s electoral system, economy and democracy.

“These politicians spend crazy sums of money, to get elected into office. When they eventually succeed, they are busy recouping their investment rather than serving  the electorate.

“These is why we see cases of unpaid salaries, unpaid pension and general decay in infrastructure and other sectors of the country.

“The Electoral Act (2010) stipulates the ceiling of expenses by candidates and political parties for specific elective positions.

“The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)  and other security agencies need the will power and be firm to implement the law.

“They need to make a scapegoat of someone giving or receiving such money, it will serve as a deterrent and reduce the menace of money politics in our country, ” Abakare said.

Also speaking, Mr Chris Azor, Chairman, Anambra State Civil Society Network, said that money politics constituted a disastrous and shameful legacy for the country.

According to him, the trend of money politics would mess up the country’s electoral system and throw up plutocracy government.

“As observers during the ongoing party primaries, we saw many aspirants moving funds to buy people’s conscience and votes.

“If nothing is done to stop this, we will have a country ruled by rich people and not leaders with credibility, capacity and commitment to the interest of the masses.

“As patriotic citizens, all hands must be on deck to move us out of this quagmire. We will continue to call on INEC to monitor campaign finance and implement the law.

“They need  to arrest and prosecute anyone found wanting for infringing on political finance regulations, ” Azor said.

In her views, Dr Cordelia Uzoezie, Chairperson, League of Women Voters of Nigeria, Anambra Chapter, called for intensified values reorientation of Nigerians to stem the tide of money politics in the country.

Uzoezie said that values reorientation would help restructure the mindset, attitudes and beliefs of the people to promote values like honesty, integrity, transparency good governance and leadership.

“The trend of money politics is worrisome because we are mortgaging the future of this country.

“We need to intensify values reorientation by telling our people not to allow themselves to be enticed with money but vote for leaders with good character, integrity and capacity to prioritise the interest of the masses,” she said.

Contributing, Mr Okey Onyeka, Chairman,  Civil Rights Concern (CRC) condemned the increasing trend of money politics, saying it can hinder  good governance and leadership  in the country.

“When politicians throw cash around to buy their way into electoral offices, the results are bad leadership, bad governance, no service delivery and poverty will increase.

“Stakeholders and all Nigerians should rise up against the anomalies in our polity, “Onyeka said.

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