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There have been desperate and unrelenting attempts to hamstring the Peter Obi candidacy with ethnic and religious sentimentality. This is not surprising, given the unprecedented acceptance which the Labour Party presidential candidate has attracted in such a short time. Those who dismissed his candidature as nonviable, are quickly realizing that the former Anambra State governor is not only a candidate, but a candidate that must be stopped by all means, if the so-called big Parties will stand any chance in the coming election. Peter Obi has become the biggest factor in this election year, and that’s not very surprising.

There isn’t any SANE Nigerian who is happy with the state of the Nigerian nation at the moment, even President Buhari, in his quiet time would definitely be embarrassed by how badly he has ran Nigeria and I can’t find any sane member of the ruling class, who doesn’t believe that Nigeria needs a REWORK. This explains why none of the over 28 people who vied for the APC presidential nomination was bold enough to campaign on the need for continuity nor is the Party’s flag bearer, Bola Ahmed Tinubu campaigning on the need for any kind of continuity. Instead, he is promising to RESET Nigeria.

The average Nigerian has lost faith in Nigeria and will not allow either religion or ethnicity to decide where they will cast their votes in the coming election. They had tried in the past to vote in line with such sentiments and are witnesses to where such choices have brought them. The thing about bad governance is that everyone is a victim of it, one way or the other. The wealthy man may not be as affected as the poor man but he cannot also be comfortable with a terribly damaged system such as ours, because even with all his wealth and the influence it brings him, he is still faced with major challenges that come with living in a dilapidated system.

Peter Obi has become the rallying point of all Nigerian masses because of the genuine and verifiable promises of workable renewal that his candidacy presents to Nigerians. Nigerian patriots want a President who is aware, sincere, creative, intelligent and compassionate, and Obi has shown that he possesses these qualities, not just because he says it, but because it can be verified.

Launching his campaign under the Labour Party platform is also a major evidence that his candidacy is the most masses friendly of all the major contenders. The average Nigerian citizen does not need special convincing to understand that Peter Obi is not merely seeking power for the sake of it, but because he understands the plight of the average Nigerian and is determined and even desperate to become the man to stir the country away from the quagmire it has been driven into by many years of greed, wickedness, corruption and most importantly, incompetent and uncreative leadership.

While other presidential candidates might boast with their unreliable “structures” peopled by elites and political merchants, Peter Obi is relying on the ordinary masses, who are at the receiving end of the blatant leadership failure, and with the masses and all the patriots, he is sure to prevail.


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