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Soludo Declares: My 100 Days as Anambra Governor Has Been ‘Bumpy But So Good!



Prof. Chukwuma Soludo on Saturday declared that his first 100 days in saddle as the Executive Governor of Anambra State has been very challenging, but he was quick to stress that he was steering the state in the right direction.

The former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, marked his first 100 days in office on Saturday with a state-wide briefing, which he used to share progress of work so far on the Soludo Solution initiatives of his administration and the task ahead.

In his 30 minutes-long address, Soludo said despite the challenges he met on arrival, he looks forward to better time ahead for his administration, while also assuring that every promise he made to the people of the state will be actualised.

Hear him: “We just clocked our first 100 days in office, as I and my deputy, Dr Onyekachukwu Ibezim serve you as your governor and deputy governor.

“I am not a fan of marking 100 days in office. I prefer to give you annual report and we look forward to the first one in March next year.

“The last 100 days has been very bumpy and challenging. It has been a case of so far, so bumpy, but so good. Everyday we work 24 hours to ensure that we do not disappoint you. We have resolved that we must do that to make you happy and proud.”

Speaking on the security challenges in the state, Soludo said: “I remind everyone who wants to commiserate with me that I duly applied for this job.

“We have lunched a campaign to restore our homeland. Most people can attest that the grave insecurity is gradually being contained and we remain undaunted. Even as I speak to you now, something is going on in various communities in Anambra State.

“This administration is built on five pillars, our first pillar is security, law and order. We have created a new ministry, the Ministry of Homeland affairs, which has also unveiled the security and emergency crack team. We have embarked upon mobilization, sensitization and worked with clergy men and others to mobilize the people against insecurity.

“The people are united in fighting against the lucrative criminal enterprise and idolatrous acts. The criminals have been exposed and our people are leading the fight and changing the narrative. We declared war on them and government is determined to deal with it.
“It took years for criminality to take root, and we have a long way to ensure we stop it. No bushes, forest or home will accommodate criminals in Anambra,” Soludo stressed.

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