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Soludo’s visit to Nnamdi kanu: Matters arising



Soludo and Nnamdi kanu

GOVERNOR of Anambra State, Chukwuma Soludo, over the weekend, visited the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his detention cell in Abuja.

GOVERNOR Soludo, who confirmed the visit on his facebook post, disclosed that the visit was aimed at finding lasting resolution to the impasse around the IPoB leader’s case and finding peace amid the persisting insecurity in South East.

“HE WAS in very high spirits and we had quality and frank discussion in a very convivial atmosphere. He expressed sadness over what he described as “sacrilegious killings” of innocent persons, kidnappings and all forms of criminalities, including the brutal enforcement of the senseless “sit at home” carried out by sundry groups posing to be acting for or on behalf of IPOB. He guaranteed that if the opportunity arises, he will be glad to personally broadcast to his followers to maintain the peace,” Soludo said.

ADDRESSING matters around the governor’s visit, it is clear that the visit, first of all, was an initiative of the governor as well as a surprise visit. The visit is also a direct contact with the core issue – the IPoB, leader, whose detention is the reason given by some of his followers for making life unbearable for the people of the South East Zone.

JUST as the governor disclosed, what they discussed was about the killings, violence and insecurity, suggesting that the visit had a clear agenda to address the general insecurity in South East.
THIS is a sign that the governor is not only focused on his job of protecting lives and properties of his people but keen to have everybody’s opinion. The visit, further, buttressed what the governor said during the security meeting with stakeholders shortly after he assumed office; that he will reach out to Nnamdi Kanu.

BEARING in mind that the first step in every conflict resolution is to table the matter and the next is to reach an agreement, Governor Soludo has taken the lead by visiting the IpoB leader, what is left and is being expected is to have a feedback from those who want people to believe that they are under Nnamdi Kanu’s leadership.

IT IS our belief that the governor has lived out his promise and it is left for the other party to to live out their own bidding.People are expecting to feel Nnamdi Kanu’s response to the overture by Soludo and just like the governor said: “Together, we shall restore peace, security and prosperity in Anambra and the Southeast.

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