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Commending Anambra’s inclusive but resolute fight against insecurity, environmental abuse



Anambra fight against insecurity

ANAMBRA State Governor, Chukwuma  Soludo, at a meeting with owners of houses in Onitsha,   penultimate Thursday, noted that scores  of  buildings are already built on top of the Sakamori drains, among other sewers obstructing free flow of flood and evacuation of waste. He   gave such illegal developers two weeks of grace or risk demolition.

THE move was part of Anambra government’s plans to restore Onitsha’s glorious past.

THE governor had earlier in the previous days, in a meeting with traditional rulers, town unions leaders and youth representatives of all the 179 communities in Anambra, among others, in Awka, condemned the problem hindering the desilting and free flow  of sewage in the   Sakamori drains, where floods wash people away every year  because of the blockages. The discovery  that people built structures on the drainage from Nwangene to River Niger is disheartening but government has  assured that all those structures built on water channels must come down.

HE ALSO said that the neighbourhood security and other community policing strategies under the aegis of Anambra Vigilante Service will be rejigged for more efficiency in tackling insecurity and later released dedicated telephone lines – 07039896429 and 09017280990, through which the populace can relate to government or appropriate authorities whenever they see something that may pose security challenge.

ACCORDING to the governor, the strategy will also give more impetus to government’s drive of making the state a prosperous and livable homeland by allaying suspicion among households and businesses,

and consequently creating room for more investment in socio-economic development.

But beyond the stakeholder-inclusive approach of Gov. Soludo to tackling the environmental and security challenges, it is pertinent to ponder everybody’s contribution in the problem.

THE questions that may arise on the issue of building structures on water channels are: Where were town planners and government officials when those houses were built? Where were the residents? Who and who reported to which authority or what was done? Do the builders, community and the  authorities know that blocking of drains causes more damage to both the people and the environment? When eventually the buildings are demolished, will people see the government as wicked?  What’s the moral justification for thinking the government is being wicked and inconsiderate when it is well known that the buildings are causing harm to the entire populace in the area, the state and the globe at large? When, all these questions are answered honestly, it will be apt to reason what people should eventually do when the buildings are demolished. Will people see the government as the redeemer or the wicked? The latter would be an illogical resolution because there would be no moral justification for  causing harm to the entire populace in the area, the state and the environment.

GOVERNOR Soludo should rather be commended for taking the bold step towards removing the daily obstructions  for the interest of the masses; rather than allowing few individuals to continue making money at the detriment of the society.

THE important thing regarding the issues of insecurity and environmental protection raised by the governor in the two meetings is that everyone should be involved in the security of everywhere, likewise in protecting our environment and reclaiming our space and of course, our state.  “If you see something, say something”.

This viewed as welcome developments because one, who sees something that will bring security challenge and keeps quiet, is as guilty as the criminals or those who build structures on drainage channels or one who sees them and keeps quiet.

THIS is because in any case, if one reports and the action is prevented or the perpetrator(s ) brought to book, it will not only make the community livable and enjoyable but  serve as deterrent to others who may want to do same in the future.

WE THEREFORE call on all to support the government’s sincere and inclusive bold steps by taking responsibility in ensuring social security and in addressing environmental problems.

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